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Welcome to J & A Trailers


Are you looking at starting your own business on wheels?

J & A Trailers will work with you to form the ideal trailer for whatever purpose it is intended. Whether you need a trailer for food, merchandise or even a promotional trailer, we are here to help you.

J & A Trailers is a reliable, family owned and operated business specialising in the production of multi-purpose mobile food trailers and mobile food trucks. With a range of possible designs along with top quality, affordable, durable and reliable materials, we customise trailers to suit your business needs.

We have built many food trailers for Mc Donalds, Chebbo's, OMG Donuts, Church groups, councils, community groups and franchises.

Let us build and work together with you to build your customised food trailer.

Call us now for a quote on 0403410415 or             

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